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Welcome To Harlem - Harlem Walking Tours NYC

Plan what to do in New York City with an itinerary including Welcome to Harlem

To facilitate the best New York City Walking Tours, we have had to get years of experience under our belt. Over the years, we have collaborated with local business and organizations to organize special events for our clients. We offer a great tour experience and promise a wonderful time.

To get the real feel of Harlem, our Walking Tours NYC offers you a chance to immerse yourself in the cultural setting. Your entertainment is our number one priority, so we make sure you miss none of the excitement that Harlem has to offer. We organize weekly jazz concerts that can help you get acquainted with the world of music and explore the many wonders of the genre. And with our annual Christmas and Easter Gospel Concerts, you can add some excitement to the holidays.

With Harlem’s rich history, there’s little surprise that people would want to know more about the area and gain some insight into everything that it represents. Getting a chance to explore the wonders of Harlem and marvel at the sights is an offer that’s hard to decline. We understand that Harlem Walking Tours NYC have the potential to quench your thirst for knowledge and help you get acquainted with some of the critical parts of history. To help you connect with the glorious past of the region, Welcome to Harlem presents the best Harlem walking tour!

Welcome to Harlem is a full-service tour company operating since 2004. We are proud to declare that we are an NYC and NY State certified minority-owned business. We understand that times are changing and it’s our connections with the past that will eventually lead us to our future. That’s what inspired us to start and operate this women-owned business. We operate Harlem Tours in NYC and enable our customers to take a look at the past. You get a chance to explore buildings where famous Harlem residents lived and worked hard to make history.

Welcome to Harlem specializes in the rich history and cultural diversity of Harlem, signifying the role it played in the Harlem Renaissance. Our extensive experience means we have been in the business for long enough to understand what our customers want. This has enabled us to offer our customers the best Harlem tour in New York City.